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Rail Transloading And Intermodel Transportation

Miller Warehousing Services, Inc. has decades of experience in railroad affiliations. Our 25 acre complex is considered one of the finest rail facilities in Southern Michigan. With 1.2 miles of rail track, 3 straight through rail sidings, and a rail pit for unloading gravel, sand, coal, and the like, our rail facilities allow us to offer complete distribution and intermodal transportation services.

Intermodel Transportation and Transloading Services:

  • Complete distribution services
  • Rail Transloading
  • Direct Rail Transfer
  • "Just In Time" delivery services
  • EDI: Computerized Inventory Control
  • Direct Link with Norfolk Southern's Central Computer

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Transloading And Intermodal Transportation
Equipment And Facilities

Our specialized equipment allows us to handle products like steel, paper, logs, aggregate, engines, overseas and intermodal containers, automotive components, lumber, ingots, and consumer products. Our equipment and facilities are held to the highest quality control measurements to efficiently accommodate all commodities, big or small, in any configuration. In short, we can help you move more product to your customers with just one phone call.

Intermodal Transportation Equipment and Facilities Include:

  • Rail Car Tracing
  • Inside Dock Access
  • Straight-Through Rail Siding
  • 12 Car Indoor Capacity
  • Rail Pit for Hopper Cars
  • 25, 35, and 75 Ton Overhead Cranes
  • Magnet for Plate Handling

Who We've Helped Along The Way

We’ve provided rail transloading, distribution, intermodal transportation, and warehousing services to the Fortune 100 as well as our neighbors in Jackson, Michigan.




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Miller Warehousing Services, Inc. provides unmatched transportation, warehousing and storage services for customers in countless industries. Our strong customer-focused approach to projects includes tailoring each project to its unique needs and treating each customer like our only customer. No matter your project, we will come to you for a free onsite inspection to provide you with a quote based on your needs.

We provide complete warehousing, storage, and distribution services, including rail transloading and intermodal transportation solutions. We are always ready and willing to help you meet your individual project and business needs.

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